sybjectivity = therapeutic ego-titillation
Taking up a model of ‘system’ rather than ascribing to any one of its literal (ie. practically applied) permutations is to question systemicity itself, to experiment within rather than adhere to any rigorously define set of terms. Does opening a system disable it or simply give it the means to expand indefinately?
making visible the myriad structures designed to contain and order
The seemingly inherent bond - though perhaps really more a seductive anology - between much art of the 1960s and systematic inquiry corresponded to a shared desire to mark, and sometimes make processes and contexts rather than discrete objects per se.
artists were taking systems up abstractly, as materials themselves to be transformed
Three variants of Post Minimalism were, in fact, provissionally united in adopting, adapting, and confronting all manner of systems - aesthetic, critical, ideological, political, institutional, art historical and economic among them.
1) Pictorial/Sculptural (Eva Hesse:material process)
2) Epistomology (Sol LeWitt/Mel Bochner: system, mathematics)
3) Ontology (Charles Ray/Vito Acconci: the body)
Like artists, children also easily ascribe animate properties to inanimate objects. “That ladder is resting on the tree - it looks tired,” a 5-year-old told me, describing an image by the Mexican photographer Manuel Alvarez Bravo.
I am an athiest but I do believe in art. I attend galleries the way my grandmother attended church.
The creation of a documentary installation is…the true goal of any happening, performance or intervention art - even if the artists working in these fields mostly tend to reflect on their own art in different terms.